Setup Guide

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This article details the Setup of ComplianceSeal Shield Toolkit.

After you install the application, you will see “Shield Toolkit” application in your App Menu.   The app has the following tabs

  1. Settings
  2. Field Audit Trail Analyzer
  3. Shield Encryption Analyzer
  4. Reports
  5. Dashboards

Additional Users Access

By default when the app, is installed, System administrators have the rights to use the application. But, if you plan to give non System Administrators access to the application, ensure they have Setup Permissions on the objects, in order to use Field Audit Trail Analyzer feature.  Assign “ComplianceSeal Shield Toolkit Admin” permission set to the user.

Settings Tab

Settings tab controls the behavior of Shield Toolkit.  You can enable and disable some features based on your needs.  Settings tab has the latest information about the version, release and Contact Information.  You can enable and disable the following features

  1. Shield Encryption Analyzer
  2. Contact ComplianceSeal Support

For more information on Setting Tab to How To Guide

Field Audit Trail Analyzer

Field Audit Trail Analyzer Tab allows, Shield Toolkit users to update Data Retention permissions on the objects.  For more information on go to How to Guides

Shield Encryption Analyzer

Shield Toolkit users are able to analyze the impact of an encrypting a field before planning to do so.  This gives Developers, Compliance teams enough time to plan for the change as well as saves time to make the change. For more information on go to How to Guides

Last Updated On March 03, 2018