What is GDPR and how it impacts Non-Profits?
5 Ways to implement/operate for GDPR - Part 3

Join us for a live webinar event & discover what simple steps you can do for GDPR compliance.  Learn how Non-Profits can ensure GDPR compliance by ensuring trust and Privacy of their Donors and Members

Tuesday, June 5th, 1:00 PM Eastern Time/10:00 AM Pacific

GDPR for Non-Profits

This is Part 3 of 4 Part series for How GDPR impacts non-profits.   

Are you a Non-Profit organization? Between fundraising, events, and charitable giving, you collect a ton of personal information, which makes you as obligated as any other EU company to comply with Global Data Privacy Regulation(GDPR). Because maintaining the relationship with donors and members is such an essential part of fundraising efforts, non-profits will have to pay particular attention to the rights and respect the wishes of, their supporters and donors, who may withdraw their consent to receive communication from them at any time.

Kalyan Lanka
CEO S-Nimbus

Kalyan Lanka has been working on Salesforce Security, GDPR, HIPAA and Cybersecurity compliance for various commercial and Public Sector clients.

Kalyan Lanka
Ebenezer Dadzie
Director, World Food Program USA

Ebenezer Dadzie manages World Food Program USA  Technology operations and has been actively working on GDPR compliance. 

Ebenezer Dadzie

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New European GDPR data regulations apply to everyone collecting data in Europe, wherever your home base may be. As such, it is imperative for your technology, people and processes are GDPR ready.  GDPR goes into effect from May 25th, 2018.

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