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ComplianceSeal helps Public Sector and Federal Customers with Salesforce Security, Shield and Compliance

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Great Application for All Security needs.
Found this application and saved very significant amount of time for our security needs. The automation done by the application provides round the clock monitoring for all of our orgs at once. Providing NIST compliance standards as an option is a game changer which saved us in both our time and effort in dealing security aspects.
Raghu ParupalliDepartment of Commerce

Innovate faster, by being Secure and Compliant with Cybersecurity Standards and Controls with ComplianceSeal for Public Sector

Our Security, Shield, Governance and Compliance solutions for Salesforce help Federal, State, and Local agencies to enforce the security and privacy controls on Salesforce.  ComplianceSeal and Shield Toolkit will rationalize security, audit, FedRamp, and Authority to Operate workflows, improve operational efficiency, and realize greater mission success.

ComplianceSeal, Shield Toolkit ensures Public Sector Salesforce to be FedRamp Compliance

FedRamp, Continous Monitoring and Compliance

Our knowledge and expertise in applying FedRamp rules on Salesforce enabled us to build ComplianceSeal for Public Sector and Shield Toolkit. We are Salesforce and Cybersecurity experts with Public Sector experience in implementing Salesforce, Security, and Shield. We understand the process that goes into the needs of Information Security Officer and Salesforce team by implementing Cybersecurity standards on Salesforce.ComplianceSeal for Public Sector and Shield Toolkit work on the Gov. Cloud and are developed specifically for Public Sector Salesforce users.

NIST Controls for FISMA

ComplianceSeal for Public Sector will enable Federal, State, and Local Government agencies to implement Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations. Every Federal agency has to implement minimum security requirements for Federal Information and Information Systems, is a mandatory federal standard developed by NIST in response to Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). ComplianceSeal for Public Sector will enable Salesforce users to comply with the federal standards. ComplianceSeal has inbuilt security controls for NIST 800-53, Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations (FISO).

ComplianceSeal enables Public Sector Organizations to be NIST Compliance

Authority to Operate

ComplianceSeal for Public Sector automates and documents System Security Plan (SSP), Customer Responsibility Controls (CRC) and enables Continuous Monitoring (CM) to certify that Salesforce has the Authority to Operate (ATO). ComplianceSeal for Public Sector implements on FedRamp Playbook. ComplianceSeal and Shield Toolkit solutions effectively saves time and enables a turnkey solution for Federal, State, and Local governments/agencies to be secure and compliant

Bring your Own Controls

ComplianceSeal and Shield Toolkit bring the flexibility, dynamicity, and automation to today’s sophisticated Governance, Audit and Compliance needs of Public Sector for Salesforce. Bring Your Own Control (BYOC) provides a convenient framework structuring the openness of Security, Governance, and Compliance needs to the northbound side. Agencies can build custom controls, on top of the NIST 800-53 Controls for Salesforce. ComplianceSeal and Shield Toolkit gives agencies the flexibility to increase the security posture as well efficiently reduce time to adapt to change in security landscape

ComplianceSeal Bring Your Own Controls

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