Secure Salesforce data with Encryption Statistics

ComplianceSeal and ShieldToolkit helps users to understand Encryption Statistics: Spring'18 release

Salesforce Spring’18 Release. How Encryption Statistics work


Salesforce Spring’18 has many new features in Security. Encryption Statistics is one of the most important ones.

What is Encryption Statistics?

Encryption Statistics will give you information of the fields encrypted in your Salesforce Org, by each object. It provides information about both Standard fields and Custom fields. Encryption Statistics, furnish details about what percentage of data in each of the fields, that uses the current/active encryption tenant secret key.

Why Shield and Platform Encryption?

Protecting your data and ensuring proper access to it is essential in every Salesforce Org. Safeguard your data ensures trust, growth, and sustainability of your enterprise. Salesforce Sheild and Platform Encryption facilitate increased security, compliance of your enterprise data.

How does Encryption Statistics work?

Salesforce Encryption Statistics

Salesforce Encryption Statistics

Encryption Statistics is a quick way to gather information about encrypted objects in Salesforce. You will be able to drill down each object to find which fields are encrypted. Select the object you want to analyze. The fields that can be encrypted along with their API names will be displayed. The number of records that are encrypted, unencrypted, type of schema and the Mixed tenant secret status information shown. Mixed tenant secret status indicates if you have archived the tenant secret in the past.

Why is Encryption Statistics essential?

Encryption statistics are an indispensable way to understand how you are using the Salesforce Platform Encryption. System Administrators and Information Security officers and understand how your data is using Platform Encryption. It ensures that you can rotate keys on a regular basis. Validate which columns/fields are using the active tenant secret verses the old tenant secret.

About ComplianceSeal and Shield Toolkit

ComplianceSeal and Shield Toolkit and two appexchange products that ensure Salesforce Security, Shield, Governance, and Compliance of Salesforce. ComplianceSeal automates IT compliance of Salesforce using NIST 800-53, Cybersecurity, HIPAA and Financial Services security standards. Shield Toolkit is a Free AppExchange solution that increases the adoption of Salesforce Shield as well as compliance of Salesforce. It saves time and maintenance costs of Salesforce Shield.

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