Introducing ComplianceSeal

What is ComplianceSeal App?

ComplianceSeal is a single source of truth that manages Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). It monitors, audits, alerts and enforces on a single or multiple Salesforce orgs from one place. ComplianceSeal is your command center for Salesforce Governance, Risk, and Compliance

What is the Motivation to build ComplianceSeal App?

The motivation for building this app comes from my experiences with numerous large and complex Salesforce implementations with healthcare, financial, retail and Government domains. Today companies have the critical customer, employee, partner and vendor information on Salesforce including personal, credit card/financial, HIPPA information. Managing the security and governance of Salesforce is critical for companies to be compliant and to have the trust of customers and stakeholders. But understanding the breadth and depth of governance and compliance is very difficult:

  • Production orgs go through constant changes.
  • Large companies have multiple production orgs to manage complexity. This actually increases the governance and security risks. Companies have to make sure you have a proper governance in place to manage multiple orgs
  • Most companies do not know how to Govern and be compliant with internal and external regulatory requirements
  • Most Salesforce Administrators do not audit and report on unintended changes that result in security breaches and noncompliance
  • There are many competing priorities for companies which result in not having subject matter experts and/or tools to be compliant

Governance, Audit, Security & Risk Management becomes the casualty due to the constant changes and complexity. This will result in:

  • Fines that can run into 10s, 100s or 1000s of thousands of dollars from internal, external regulators and bad press
  • Salesforce orgs will be at risk of non-compliance in the internal security and governance audits
  • Low adoption as you will be unable to convince Information Security and Assurance teams that you have proper controls in place
  • Will not be able to realize the Return on Investment and will not be able to release new features and applications for your users and stakeholders

About Us

With the years of expertise solving these problems, we have built ComplianceSeal. At its core, ComplianceSeal addresses governance, audit issues of Salesforce orgs. We have specially tailored the solution for Healthcare, Financial, Government, Internal Security and Audits teams.

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